ThinkFirst Memorial Hospital at Gulfport is dedicated to educating individuals about the prevention of brain and spinal cord injuries.

Each year over 15,200 Mississippians receive brain or spinal cord injuries. For some, death is instantaneous. For those who survive, life is never the same.

ThinkFirst Memorial Hospital at Gulfport is all about making good choices–choices that can save young lives. No one is invincible. Remember to ThinkFirst.

Click this link for fast facts on brain and spinal cord injury.

ThinkFirst encourages safe behavior by teaching students about the brain and spinal cord and addressing activities that are commonly associated with traumatic injury. – Click for Details

ThinkFirst for Youth provides students in grades four through eight with lessons on decision-making skills, a confident self image, and the ability to resolve conflicts and withstand peer pressure. – Click for Details

ThinkFirst for Teens takes a serious look at risk-taking activities through the  eyes of young people who have suffered brain or spinal cord injuries. – Click for Details

“The presentation was excellent, very informative, and kept the interest of all the students.” – Gulfport High School

“This was a wonderful program. Our science curriculum covers the nervous system, and this was a great intro for us to use in the classroom.” – Quarles Elementary

“All school children should see it.”- St.James Elementary

“Students were talking about safety issues and how they would be wearing their helmets.” – Quarles Elementary